Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Have a Party!!!! (Pinterest Style)

So first off I apologize for the delay on posts.  I knew it was going to happen right after school started, but I thought I’d get the blog going anyway.  But soon after, school took over my life.  Long story short, I’m now done with school, and I can try and focus on this blog a little more.
 So, this past weekend was crazy busy for me.  Easter was on Sunday, and so I made dinner for the family (a small get-together with my mom, aunt and nephew).  There was a ridiculous thunderstorm that happened early in the morning, that woke me up, and kept me huddled under the sheets.  I guess it was for the best though, because after I was assured that the storm was over, I was able to fill the eggs that I neglected to do during the week, chop the veggies for the dinner, and do a little baking.  Needless to say, I still hate thunderstorms.
 I also had a get-together with my math ladies (these are the girls I got to know and become great friends with while I attended UC Davis.  6 girls with 6 degrees in mathematics, that’s pretty cool).  Since we’ve all graduated (at different times), we try and keep in contact.  We all love Pinterest (well, most of us), and so we thought it would be a great idea to do what we call a “Pinterest Party.”  I wanted to share this with you, because I think it is the most clever way to take advantage of Pinterest.
 Every couple of months, we organize a sleep-over event that includes one Pinterest inspired craft and one Pinterest inspired food item.   We get to socialize, and craft together, and its just a super fun time.  It works for us, because many of us are busy with life, and don’t often have the time to try the 5000 pins on our Pinterest board.  But this way, we’re forced to scour our board for something everyone can enjoy and take home.  Our first Pinterest party had some hits and misses.  We did a spa themed party with a few appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.  The spa part of the party was fun.  We did facials (with recipes found on Pinterest), foot soaks, and nail painting.  I wish I had photos and details of the pins from that party but I didn’t think I would blog about it.
 For the party we had this past weekend, I think it was a success.  Morgan was the first to arrive at the party (since she had stayed the previous night), so we went shopping and she got the items she needed for a peach cobbler.  Since she is not a fan of Pinterest (making her so uncool),  her recipe came from a family recipe she remembered. 


Next, Jackie brought her recipe for cheesy bread (click cheesy bread for the pin.  You can also click on the darker words to go directly to the Pinterest board for the recipes or ideas).   She popped it in the oven while we waited for the others to arrive.  it was quick, but the results were amazing.  It didn’t last long at all.

Sheng came later (actually late, she was supposed to be at the party earlier, but we work on Sheng time) and made some really intensely chocolately (but very delicious) brownies.   Sheng is notorious for bringing the most intricate  things to make, but these brownies turned out awesome.  We waited for her to get the brownies in the oven by playing a game of Uno (I won the game btw).


After she got them in, we headed outside to work on our craft brought by Jackie.  She had an amazing idea for painting pots and planting succulents.  So we all headed out in the backyard and hung out while working on our artistic abilities.   
Sheng (left) and Jackie (right) in a "candid" moment.
Dinielle, Morgan, and Michelle working on painting their pots.
Jackie fine tuning the details.
The finished product.  The plant to the far left is an image of Bruno Mars.  
My little succulent.  I'm pretty proud of my pot.  :)
Before coming inside, we went on to work on some really nifty t-shirts.  This was my craft.  We are all going to a Bruno Mars concert this summer, and we wanted to have coordinating shirts.  I was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest.  It was bleach shirt craft.
 So I went through images of Bruno Mars to see if I could find something that would look awesome on a shirt.  After spending a little while googling images, I came across one that worked out great.  I have a die cutting machine, and used that to make the stencil.  I used repositionable spray to keep the image in place while I sprayed the bleach on the shirt.  They worked out quite well.
Rocking the finished product.  Bruno would be proud.  
Being silly, while sporting our other crafts.  I love Michelle's glasses ;)

 After the shirts, Michelle started a recipe she found for mini tacos.  Last time she brought a dessert that turned out to be… well, we don’t talk about it.  But she made up for it with this recipe.  They were so good, I don’t think we even got a picture of them.  LOL.

Dinielle brought things to make sangria  and a healthy ranch dip (we needed something healthy after the brownies and the cobbler).  



After the tacos, sangria, and ranch and veggies, we worked on some more crafts.  Sheng brought a craft for making hair bows.  So we sat at the table, and sewed (some of us better than others.  My bow didn’t come out too well, but Dinielle saved it).


 After bows, we worked on constructing paper boxes with Morgan.  We used my die-cutting machine to cut out the pieces needed.  Once again, this craft did not specifically come from Pinterest (because Morgan wont join ), but you can find more info about how to do crafts like this if you have a die cutting machine, by going to www.SVGCuts.com, or following them on facebook at SVG Cuts.  The box we did was featured in their kit Maison de Madeline.   They were easy to put together, and everyone enjoyed the end result.  Nice storage for the bows.  LOL.

After we finished the boxes, we moved on to Michelle’s craft.  She brought everyone dollar tree sunglasses and we used jewels and mod podge and craft paper, and nail polish to make some really cool sunglasses.  We took our dollar glasses and totally turned them into designer frames.  
Wearing the crafts we made.  Sunglasses, bows, and shirts.

 We ended the night with nail art (ideas brought by Dinielle).
 In the morning I woke up and made cinnamon roll pancakes.


They turned out ok.  The cream cheese icing that went on top was really good though.  The party was super fun, and it was great to see the math ladies all together again.  I think the idea of having a Pinterest inspired party is a great way for you to try those pins you have yet to get around to, and share a great time with your friends.
 Stay tuned, because I do have some recipes I’ll be posting.  

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